Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Scanning Electron Microscope image showing the cooperative 90° rotation of multi wall carbon nanotubes in a forest to form a sheet.



(May 5, 2013) Nanodays 2012: presented by the NanoTech Institute and the Ft. Worth Museum of Natural Science & History, March 31, 2012

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(May 5, 2013) NanoExplorers Program for High-Schoolers Lauded with Award

(May 5, 2013) "Ray Baughman creates artificial muscles"

(May 5, 2013) "Mirage effect from thermally modulated transparent carbon nanotube sheets" published in IOP Science

(January 11, 2012) Prof. Rod Ruoff: "Graphene-based and Graphene-derived Materials" Seminar Friday July, 1st, 1pm in ECSS 3.503

(January 3, 2012) Dr. Qingwen Li "Controlled Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Real Applications"

(January 3, 2012) UT Dallas Researchers Spin Nanotech Breakthrough

(September 30, 2011) Alan Dalton: "Latex Based Templated Assembly of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Based Functional Materials"

(September 21, 2011) Dr. Ray Baughman named one of "Dallas' Big Thinkers" by D Magazine

(September 1, 2011) UT Dallas NanoExplorers Present Summer Research

(September 1, 2011) 2011 NanoExplorer Symposium Program now available

(September 1, 2011) Dr. Ray Baughman and team's latest article, "Biscrolling Nanotube Sheets and Functional Guests into Yarns" published in Science

(August 4, 2011) Teen Scientists to Present Research from UT Dallas

(August 3, 2011) Why Small is the New Big: North Texas Research is Pushing the Future of Nanotechnology

(August 3, 2011) President Obama says nice things today about a former UT-Dallas Nanoexplorer

(July 8, 2011) NanoTech Director Makes List of Top Researchers

(March 24, 2011) Dr. Alexander Soldatov: "Fullerenes and carbon nanotubes at high pressure: Towards new functional materials"

(March 23, 2011) Ming Xu: "Carbon Nanotubes with Temperature Invariant Viscoelasticity from -196°C to 1000°C"


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