Education Background

  • B.S. Chemistry (1990)
    The Ohio State University
  • Ph.D. Chemistry
    Yale University (1995): Organic Chemistry
  • Postdoctoral Associate (1997)
    University of Colorado

Research Interests

  • Self-Assembled Monolayers
  • Photochromic Sensors and Switches
  • Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes of One Type

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-883-2811
Fax: 972-883-2925
Office: BE 3.326
Mail Stop: BE 26

Michael C. Biewer

My research is focused on the understanding of intermolecular effects in ordered media. In particular we are investigating the effect different media impart upon chemical reactivity with the goal of designing organic systems with specific functional control.

The first research area is designing monolayers with specific intermolecular interactions within the monolayer structure. We are studying monolayers grown on transparent glass surfaces because we are initially probing the intermolecular interactions on the surface through optical studies of a photochromic spiropyran that is attached.

A second research area is the design of molecular level sensors and switches. We couple the switching behavior of organic photochromic materials with a catalytic system in order to turn the catalytic property on and off with light.

For the third research area, in collaboration with the NanoTech Institute at UTD, we are attempting to prepare single walled carbon nanotubes through an organic synthesis approach.

Selected Publications

Monitoring Surface Reactions Optically in a Self-Assembled Monolayer with a Photochromic Core . Yang, M.-H. and Biewer, M.C., Tetrahedron Letters, (2005) 46, 349-351.

Topochemical Strategies for the Rational Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes of One Specified Type . Baughman, R.H.; Biewer, M.C.; Ferraris, J.P.; Lamba, J.S., Synthetic Metals (2004) 141: 87-92.

Stabilization of an Organic Photochromic Material by Incorporation in an Organogel. Shumburo, A. and Biewer, M.C., Chemistry of Materials, (2002) 14(9), 3745-50.

Studying Monolayer/Solvent Interactions with a Photochromic Compound in a Self-Assembled Monolayer. Patel, K.; Castillo-Muzquiz, A.; Biewer, M.C., Tetrahedron Letters (2002) 43: 5933-5935.

Observation of Photochromic gamma-Cyclodextrin Host/Guest Inclusion Complexes. Iyengar, S. and Biewer, M.C., Chemical Communications, (2002) 13, 1398-1399.

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