Educational Background

  • BS Chemisty (2002) Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • MS Catalytic Materials (2005) Institute of Catlysis and Petrochemistry of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research
  • Ph.D. in Polymer Nanocomposits (2009) Institute of Polymer Science and Technology of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research and Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

Research Interests

  • Mutifunctional Graphene-based Materials.
  • Carbon Nanotubes of One Type through Solid-State Diacetylene Polymerization.
  • Nanotube Yarns for Multifunctional Applications
  • Structure and Dynamics of Hybrid Systems Polymer and Nanoparticles, Nanotubes and Nanofibers
  • Design and Development of Nanostructured Catalytic Materials for Reaction and Separation
  • Nanocrystalline Ceramic Materials with Structural Function

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-883-4287
Fax: 972-883-6529
Office: BE2.304B
Mail Stop: BE 26

Javier Carretero-Gonzalez


Selected Publications


Molecular Dynamics of Natural Rubber as Revealed by Dielectric Spectroscopy: The Role of Natural Cross–linking. J. Carretero-González, Tiberio A. Ezquerra, Sureerut Amnuaypornsri, Shigeyuki Toki, Jitladda Sakdapipanich, Benjamin S. Hsiao, and Miguel A. López–Manchado. Soft Matter (2010) Accepted.


Molecular Dynamics of Natural Rubber/Layered Silicate Nanocomposites as Studied by Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy. Marianella Hernández, Javier Carretero-González, Raquel Verdejo, Tiberio A. Ezquerra, Miguel A. López-Manchado. Macromolecules, 43 (2010), 643-651.


Novel Experimental Approach to Evaluate Filler-Elastomer Interactions. J. L. Valentín, I. Mora-Barrantes, J. Carretero-González, M. A. López-Manchado, L. Guy, P. Sotta, D. Long, K. Saalwächter. Macromolecules, 43 (2010), 334-346.


Miscibility-Dispersion, Interfacial Strength and Nanoclay Mobility Relationships in Polymer Nanocomposites. J. Carretero-González, H. Retsos, E. P. Giannelis, T. A. Ezquerra, Marianella Hernandez and M. A. López-Manchado. Soft Matter, 5, (2009), 3481-3486.


Natural Rubber/Clay Nanocomposites: Influence of Poly (ethylene glycol) on the silicate dispersion and local chain order of rubber network. J. Carretero-González, J. L. Valentín, M. Arroyo, K. Saalwächter and M. A. López-Manchado. European Polymer Journal, 44 (2008) 3493-3500.


Physical properties of silicone foams filled with carbon nanotubes and functionalized graphene sheets. Raquel Verdejo, Cristina Saiz-Arroyo, Javier Carretero-González, Fabienne Barroso-Bujans, Miguel A Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel A López-Manchado. European Polymer Journal, 44 (2008) 2790-2797.


Effect of Nanoclay on Natural Rubber Microstructure. Javier Carretero-González, H. Retsos, R. Verdejo, S. Toki, B. S. Hsiao, E. P. Giannelis and M.A. López-Manchado. Macromolecules, Vol. 41, nº 18 (2008) 6763-6772.

Uncertainties in the determination of crosslink density by equilibrium swelling experiments in Natural Rubber. J. L. Valentín, J. Carretero-González, I. Mora-Barrantes, W. Chassé, K. Saalwächter. Macromolecules, Vol. 41, nº 13, (2008) 4717-4729.


Real time Crystallization of Organoclay Nanoparticles Filled Natural Rubber Under Stretching. Javier Carretero-González, Raquel Verdejo, Shigeyuki Toki, Benjamin. S. Hsiao, Emmanuel P. Giannelis, and Miguel A. López-Manchado. Macromolecules, Vol. 41, nº 7, (2008) 2295-2298.


Rubber Network in Elastomer Nanocomposites. Miguel A. López-Manchado, Juan L. Valentín, Javier Carretero, F. Barroso, Miguel Arroyo. European Polymer Journal 43 (2007) 4143-4150.


Morphology/Behaviour Relationship of Nanocomposites Based on Natural Rubber/Epoxidized Natural Rubber Blends. M. Arroyo, M. A. López-Manchado, J. L. Valentín, J. Carretero. Composites Science and Technology. 67 (2007) 1330-1339.


(5) Development of Nanostructured Catalytic Membranes (NCMs) for Partial Benzene Hydrogenation to Cyclohexene. J. Carretero González, J. M. Benito López, I. Rodríguez-Ramos, M. A. Rodríguez Barbero, A. Guerrero-Ruiz. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Vol. 7, Nº 12, (2007), 4391-4401.


Infiltrated Glassy Carbon Membranes in γ-Al2O3 Support. J. Carretero, J. M. Benito, I. Rodríguez-Ramos, A. Guerrero-Ruiz, M. A. Rodriguez. Journal of Membrane Science, 281 (2006) 500-507.


Polymeric Nanofibers by Electrospinning. (Review in Spanish Journal). J. Carretero González, F. Barroso Bujans, M. Lallave Rivas, A. Barrero, I. González Loscertales, M. A. López Manchado. Revista de Plásticos Modernos, Vol. 91, nº 600, 551-560, Junio 2006


Nanocrystalline Cubic Zirconia Obtained From Zirconia and Dolomite Activated by High-Energy Ball Milling Process. Mª Sainz, J. Carretero, S. Serena, A. Caballero. Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 264-268 (2004) pp. 2351-2354.


Obtención de circonas estabilizadas (Ca, Mg-PSZ) nanocristalinas a partir de mezclas de dolomita y circona monoclínica mediante molienda de alta energía. J. Carretero, Mª Sainz, S. Serena, A. Caballero. BOL. SOC. ESP. CERAM. Vol. 42 (5): 303-310 SEP-OCT 2003.


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