Educational Background

  • B.S. Materials Engineering (2002) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)           
  • M.S. Materials Engineering (2004) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineer (2010) Université Paul Sabatier (France) and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Research Interests

  • Dry-draw of carbon nanotube sheets and spinning of yarns;
  • Nanostructured materials as building blocks for nano-/microdevices;
  • Study of (bio-) chemical and physical properties of nanostructured materials.

Contact Information

Email:[email protected] Fax: 972-883-2925
Mail Stop: BE26


Monica Jung de Andrade


Awards and Grants


  • CAPES-COFECUB International Scholarship for 2 years to pursue Doctoral studies at Université Paul Sabatier in France, CAPES and COFECUB from Brazilian and French governments, respectively, 2008-2009.
  • CNPq International Program Scholarship for 1.5 years to develop research activities during doctorate at Max-Planck Institute in Germany.
  • PETROBRAS Award of Technology co-author.
  • CAPES Graduate Scholarship for 2 years to pursue Master’s degree at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, CAPES from the Brazilian government.
  • CNPq Undergraduate Fellowhip for 4 years to develop research activities at Federal University of Rio Grande do
  • Sul, CNPq from the Brazilian government.
Selected Publications


Electrically, Chemically, and Photonically Powered Torsional and Tensile Actuation of Hybrid Carbon Nanotube Yarn Muscles. Márcio D. Lima, Na Li, Mônica Jung de Andrade, Shaoli Fang, Jiyoung Oh, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Mikhail E. Kozlov, Carter S. Haines, Dongseok Suh, Javad Foroughi, Seon Jeong Kim, Yongsheng Chen, Taylor Ware, Min Kyoon Shin, Leonardo D. Machado, Alexandre F. Fonseca, John D. W. M, Walter E. Voit, Douglas S. Galvão and Ray H. Baughman, Science. (338) 928-932 (2012).

Electrical conductive double-walled carbon nanotubes Silica glass nanocomposites prepared by the sol gel process and spark plasma sintering. Mônica Jung  de Andrade, Alicia Weibel, Christophe Laurent, Siegmar Roth, Carlos Pérez Bergmann, Claude Estournès and Alain Peigney. Scripta Materialia (61) 988-991 (2009).

Thin, conductive, carbon nanotube networks over transparent substrates by electrophoretic deposition. Márcio D. Lima, Mônica J. de Andrade, Carlos. P. Bergmann and Siegmar Roth, Journal of Materials Chemistry  (18) 776-779 (2008).

Electrical properties of transparent carbon nanotube networks prepared through different techniques. Mônica Jung de Andrade, Márcio Dias Lima, Viera Skákalová, Carlos Pérez Bergmann, Siegmar Roth. Physica Status Solidi. Rapid Research Letters (1) 178-180 (2007).

Production of single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes using natural gas as a precursor compound. R. Bonadiman, M. D. Lima, M. J. Andrade, C. P. Bergmann, Journal of Materials Science (41) 7288-7295 (2006).

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