Dr. Ray H. Baughman


Ray Baughman became the Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry and Director of the NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas in Dallas in August 2001, after 31 years in industry. He is a Member of The National Academy of Engineering and The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas; a foreign member of the European Academy of Sciences; a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the National Academy of Inventors, and the American Physical Society; an Academician of The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; an honorary professor of 7 universities in China; and is on editorial or advisory boards of Science and other journals.

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Dr. Anvar A. Zakhidov

Deputy Director

Institute, Professor of Physics and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry. His “Nanophysics for Devices” research group of 4 Ph.D. researchers and 9 students (7 grad, 2 undergrad) is actively involved in broad investigations of physical properties of advanced nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes, photonic crystals, organic and hybrid multilayers. They study electrical, thermal, optical, magnetic, photonic, MW, structural, etc. properties in wide temperature range from 2 K to 500 K, using state of art equipment: SQUID, PPMS,ESR, Raman, etc. with the aim to design and create novel types of electronic and photonic devices. Using unique multichamber vacuum system in Nano-bay of Clean Room the high performance excitonic solar cells and OLEDs/PLEDs are created, which use pioneering concepts, quantum dots and carbon nanotube charge collectors, injectors and nanoantenna.

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Dr. Steve Collins

Director of Operations

Dr. Collins received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from University of Texas at Dallas in 1997 and 2001, respectively. He is the “founding member” of the NanoTech Institute, setting up shop in Berkner Hall to work three months prior to the arrival of Professors Baughman and Zakhido. Since then, Dr. Collins has been Research Associate, Research Scientist, and now holds the position of Manager of Research Programs of the Institute. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the Institute, and managing its resources and laboratories. Dr. Collins’ research interests are in nanostructured materials with novel mechanical and electronic properties. Of special interest are carbon nanotube fibers and composites for actuators, mechanical reinforcement, electronic textiles, and energy storage applications.


Dr. Ali E. Aliev

Research Scientist

Dr. Ali E. Aliev is a Research Professor at the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute, Adjunct Professor at School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics of University of Texas at Dallas. He received his B.S. and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from National University of Radio-Electronics, Kharkov, Ukraine (with Honors, 1977), PhD degree in Physics (Molecular and Thermal Physics, 1984), and Doctor of Science in Physics (Solid State Physics, 1992) degrees from Heat Physics Department of Uzbek Academy of Science, USSR.


Dr. Shaoli Fang

Associate Research Professor

Dr. Shaoli Fang has over ten years of experience in nanomaterial fabrication and characterization. He joined UTD NanoTech Institute in 2004, and his current research activities include:

  • Improving the physical properties of draw-twist spun carbon nanotube yarn.
  • Process and equipment development for continuously spinning carbon nanotube yarn
  • Building of nanotube yarn- and sheet-based devices for biomedical applications
  • Developing nanotube yarn- and sheet-based functional composites
  • Fabrication of nanotube yarn- and sheet-based novel functional structures
  • Exploring nanotube yarn spinning and sheet forming mechanism


Dr. Jiuke Mu

Associate Research Professor

Dr. Jiuke Mu received Ph.D. degree in Materials Science from Donghua University in 2017 after jointly studied in UT Dallas. He has long been engaged in the research of functional material fabrication, characterization and their applications. His current research activities include:

  • multi-driven functional artificial muscles
  • intelligent fibers/textiles
  • new-type energy harvesters.

Catherine Challenger

Program Specialist

Dr. Winston Layne

Engineering Technician

Alexios Papadimitratos

Technical Coordinator

Alexios received his M.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.  He has research and development experience focusing in renewable energy, solid state lighting and nanotechnology. Alexios is responsible for the daily operation of cryogenic center and nanofabrication lab of Nanotech Institute. Maintenance, operation, general lab safety and new user training.


Dr. Monica Jung De Andrade

Research Scientist and Safety Officer

Dr. Natalya Zakharova

Travel and Visa Specialist